The Customer is a leading business school that is a market leader in delivering full-time and part-time high-grade business & professional post graduate courses. Its reputation is beyond compare and it continues to develop innovative methods of delivering its courseware.

Business Requirement

  • Historically enquiries and leads were handled by a distributed network of counsellors or staff, depending on the source of the lead. This approach had a number of failings, particularly leakage, and often led to poor customer satisfaction ratings.
  • As a private business school, it is imperative that each and every prospective candidate is managed appropriately and professionally whether the initial lead is from a letter, a phone call, an email, a web response, or even word of mouth.
  • The Customer urgently required an automated lead management solution that ensured no lead was lost or miss-handled due to human error.

Business Solution

  • Talisman's SmartSwitch™ was configured with an individual SmartNumber™ number for each enquiry type.
  • Each enquiry type was allocated a SmartButton™ which was added to the appropriate pages of the school website. These smart numbers are also promoted using offline methods such as newspapers and brochures.
  • A simple and easy-to-use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) procedure was designed which re-directs any call directly to the appropriate person or persons based on the smart number called thereby minimising dependencies on the head office administration.
  • Compliance exceptions were configured based upon established business rules (e.g. How to handle calls to specific numbers out of hours, agent unavailable, etc.).

Business Benefits

  • A scalable, low-risk, end-to-end managed service.
  • Greatly improved customer service levels.
  • Significant productivity gain.
  • Every lead documented, qualified, and actioned appropriately.
  • Traffic analytics provide previously unavailable statistics that enable the Customer to refine its offerings and improve sign-up rates.


  • Talisman SmartSwitch™ with SmartNumber™, SmartButton™, SmartChannel™, SmartIVR™, and SmartCRM™.
  • API's for integration with Customer’s back-end systems.
  • Customised voice & data messaging.
  • 24x7x365 operation.
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