The Customer is a publicly listed retail bank with a national distribution network of more than 3,000 branches. The Customer has a strong customer service ethic and endeavours to adopt best-of-breed solutions where possible to enhance all client/customer interactions.

Business Requirement

  • The Customer was reliant upon a network of customer service engineers to ensure that critical operational functions, often as simple as paper rolls for merchant point-of-sale machines of merchants, were significantly improved.
  • The Customer wished to improve and automate the process of consumable inventory and distribution and to ensure that their customer service network has ready access to necessary consumables at all times.

Business Solution

  • The Solution utilises Talisman's SmartSwitch™ such that when a merchant calls the context of the call is effectively captured and matched to the merchant history.
  • The most relevant and available customer service engineer, closest to the merchant's location, is then dispatched by SMS with the details of the merchant and their requirements along with appropriate inventory.
  • The Solution is configured to automatically handle exceptions in compliance with the Customer’s specific business rules. This ensures that necessary authentication and authorization rules are adopted for all interactions to maintain mandated levels of security and service levels.
  • All interactions are monitored and audited.

Business Benefits

  • The Solution provides a comprehensive end-to-end managed process in a short lead time with minimal impact on normal business operations.
  • Improved service levels led to increased customer loyalty in a highly competitive market. In some cases, service levels reduced form 24-48 hours to 2 hours.
  • Improved customer experience and better managed inventory.


  • Talisman SmartSwitch™ with SmartCall™, and SmartMessage™.
  • API's for integration with Customer’s CRM systems.
  • Customised voice and data messaging.
  • 24x7x365 operation.
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