SmartCRM™ is a cloud communication service that can be rapidly web-provisioned to provide powerful customer relationship management capabilities that meet the needs of almost any business.

Automatically maintaining detailed real-time records of each prospect/customer interaction regardless of the prospect/customer’s preferred communication channel (voice, chat, email, SMS, etc.) is critical to the customer service experience.

Basic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities are provisioned as standard with Talisman’s core products such as SmartPABX™, SmartConfer™, SmartConference™, and SmartBlast™.

SmartCRM™ provides an integrated source for all prospect/customer profiles and interaction histories across multi-channels. Prospect/customer interactions are automatically logged resulting in a real-time view of prospect/customer activity. Outbound marketing campaign lists may be added and linked to inbound contacts to determine campaign response statistics. Inbound calls may lookup prospect/customer profile/history to determine how to best respond to enquiry. SmartCRM™ is the point at which all multi-channel interactions are consolidated to provide powerful insights into prospect/customer behaviours.

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