SmartIVR™ is a cloud communication service that can be rapidly web-provisioned to provide highly customised pre-programmed call flows that meet the needs of any business, project, program, or campaign.

The simple yet effective choreography of call flow is crucial to effective voice communications between a business and its employees, stakeholders, partners, or customers.

Basic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities are provisioned as standard with Talisman’s core products such as SmartPABX™, SmartConfer™, SmartConference™, and SmartBlast™.

Should more sophisticated call choreography be required, such as custom voice messages, advanced call routing, or text-to-voice conversion, then SmartIVR™ can be readily provisioned to seamlessly enhance the standard call choreography capabilities.

SmartIVR™ facilitates the development of rich and powerful custom call flows that radically enhance the customer service experience. These call flows may include: multi-channel utilisation (automated outbound e-mail or SMS), self-help, play-back, advance call routing and queuing, etc.

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