21 November 2016 -- New Delhi and Singapore -- Talisman and MIMO today announced that they will work together to enable cable operators to significantly enhance their offerings to existing customers by providing a portfolio of innovative mobile app solutions designed to complement current cable services.

This initiative will facilitate the integration of Talisman’s Cable Industry Mobile Business Applications (CIMBA) solution with the MIMO mobile wallet solution resulting in a powerful and comprehensive mobile solution designed specifically to provide a rich and compelling portfolio of value-added mobile content and services suitable for any cable subscriber.

By integrating MIMO mobile payments with CIMBA, Talisman will provide cable operators with a unique and innovative range of content and services that will allow cable operators to rapidly evolve beyond their content distribution heritage.

At the announcement, MIMO’s Mrs Lathika Regunathan noted, “Talisman has deployed the necessary infrastructure across India and has the right business model making it very convenient for companies like ours to partner. MIMO and Talisman can leverage their expertise and experience of working in the cable industry to rapidly deploy these new solutions. MIMO and Talisman will have a national footprint enabling CIMBA to deliver a much-needed industry solution that will modernise and enhance the capabilities of all cable operators."

Talisman’s Mr Sundar Rajagopalan said, “Partnering with MIMO will address a critical component in our solution set, payments. CIMBA has far-reaching ramifications that can positively impact 230 million homes across the country. With the combined capabilities of Talisman and MIMO, CIMBA provides cable operators with a whole new set of capabilities and innovative services for local communities and smart cities. Our partnership with MIMO will also allow us to offer new services to our enterprise clients. Most importantly, this strategic initiative will deliver the cable industry substantial benefits".

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