7 December 2016 -- Singapore -- The world of a business directory revolves around the print and digital properties owned by the business directory, sometimes known as a Business Intermediary. Ever increasing competition is challenging traditional business directories with offerings like AdWords and SEO.

In the contemporary world, the business directory normally expects the prospect to access the directory first. This is becoming more and more difficult unless the directory is very unique.

The business directory customer always has multiple options, sometimes referred to as omni-channels, to connect with an SMB. The directory is just one of these many options. As a result, only a limited number of SMB’s actually pay the business directory for services.

Business directories have two types of customers – paying customers (typically 5% to 10% of the database) & free listings (the bulk of the database). Business directories need to carry free listings – there is no choice.

However, business directories generally have feet on the ground with an active sales force and channel partner network.With contacts across many segments, the business directory has its pulse on the marketing needs of the SMB sector. Verified leads with buying intent delivered by an inbound call are on every SMB’s wish list.

Talisman provides business directories with unique, cost-effective tools and programs that deliver innovative new solutions for both sides of its supply chain, upstream and downstream. Any business directory empowered by these capabilities can deliver their SMB customers “verified leads with buying intent delivered by an inbound call”.

Further, these solutions will work within and beyond the properties owned by the business directory – a net result is an extreme value to the SMB and a step change in revenues to the business directory.

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