6 December 2016 -- Singapore -- All businesses, especially those who need to develop and maintain complex and efficient supply chains should endeavour to continuously improve the processing of their customer needs, whether that customer is a supplier, partner, channel, or end-user.

These needs-based goals include:

  • More effective use and allocation of customer support resources;
  • Drive higher rates of and levels of customer contact;
  • Increase the ability of call/response reps to be able to cross-sell and up-sell;
  • Be able to adapt to market conditions faster; and
  • Have greater flexibility and scalability based on customer feedback, responses, and behaviours.

These are the key drivers that inform Talisman’s solutions for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector. To address these drivers Talisman provides solutions that:

  • Improve end-to-end customer contact processes;
  • Create a linkage for customers to all types of communication channels (i.e. mail, phone, email, messaging, social media, chat, etc.);
  • Continually improving the customer experience and ensuring bad experience correction in real time;
  • Provide themselves and customers with more flexibility and convenience; and
  • Provide a customer with a choice of channels where they want to interact, building human touch wherever possible into all levels.

Talisman can provide any FMCG business with effective and affordable solutions that will enhance and improve almost any business process across their supply chain.

Talisman is an expert in designing and implementing advanced customised omni-channel connection, communication, and collaboration solutions. Should it be appropriate Talisman can provide consulting and program management services to work collaboratively with our customers to design, configure, train, and deploy.

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