With established offices throughout Asia, Talisman is a best practice low-cost producer of communication-enabled business processes and related services that unify advanced telecommunications with advanced mobile and browser applications.

Our suite of powerful yet simple products provides capabilities, hitherto only afforded by large corporations, that allow any business, large or small, to improve and enhance all inbound and outbound communications.

We ensure all prospect/customer interactions are engaging, compelling, and fulfilling, and ultimately result in high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We integrate, manage, monitor, and record all inbound and outbound voice and data communications. This allows us to deliver analytics that provides unprecedented insight into prospect/customer behaviours and preferences.

As a best practice low-cost producer of advanced value-added cloud communication & collaboration products, we offer an impressive portfolio of cloud and mobile applications that enable our subscribers to simply, rapidly, and cost-effectively improve all aspects of the customer experience thereby increasing both sales and customer satisfaction levels.

This array of innovative cloud-based solutions enables any business to improve stakeholder interaction across their ecosystems thereby increasing customer satisfaction and overall productivity levels.

Working with many of Asia's leading businesses, Talisman possesses the people, expertise, platforms, and processes to deliver innovative, timely, and cost effective solutions to all our customers.

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