Talisman is a cloud communications company specialising in the provision of communication-enabled business processes and related cloud communications services.

All our services are provisioned as a managed service. No technical or engineering expertise is required to rapidly deploy any of our solutions.

Our suite of powerful yet simple products provides customer service capabilities, hitherto only afforded by large corporations, that allow any business, large or small, to improve and enhance all inbound and outbound communications.

We ensure all prospect/customer interactions are engaging, compelling, and fulfilling, and ultimately result in high levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We integrate, manage, monitor, and record all inbound and outbound voice and data communications. This allows us to deliver analytics that provides unprecedented insight into prospect/customer behaviours and preferences.

As a best practice low-cost producer of advanced value-added cloud communication & collaboration products, we offer an impressive portfolio of cloud and mobile applications that enable our subscribers to simply, rapidly, and cost-effectively improve all aspects of the customer experience thereby increasing both sales and customer satisfaction levels.


Utilising the most advanced cloud-based technologies, our products provide enterprise-grade communications and business processes at a far more affordable price point than traditional alternatives. Whether your business is large or small, we can provision affordable enterprise-grade solutions within minutes.


The engineering that makes our products affordable also makes them highly agile. We can provision and/or re-configure your systems in minutes. Similarly, users can utilise simple yet powerful business rules and call choreography tools to re-route and reconfigure voice and data workflow in real-time.


Innovation is central to every product that we offer. We consistently apply innovation thinking to our communication and computing technologies resulting in practical, relevant, and affordable products & services that our subscribers can instantly apply to real-world business problems.


User charges are based solely upon usage. No licensing, no maintenance, automatic upgrades, and low touch deployment translates to low-risk, high-value solutions that can be turned on or off on-demand.


Simple yet speedy provisioning of new services is fundamental to our customer-centric culture. From placing an order, we can fully provision a new service within minutes directly from our global network operations centre.


All our products are designed to scale consistently and cost effectively without degradation. Whether your transaction volumes are high or low, we provide affordable products that can expand or shrink according to your particular business needs. As an example, one of our customers transacts in excess of 25,000,000 inbound/outbound end-to-end voice calls every month with peaks in excess of 180,000 calls/hour.




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